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Fine wines for lunch at Rye Lodge Hotel

Perfect with lunch, on the terrace or in your room

Peter in the wine cellar at Rye Lodge Hotel

Peter Warne, our Cellar Master, preparing the wine list

Kerry de Courcy in the Wine Cellar at Rye Lodge Hotel

A good vintage - Kerry de Courcy in the wine cellar

A glass of Ruinart, enjoy at Rye Lodge Hotel

Fine Wines at Rye Lodge

Fine wines are certainly one of life's real pleasures - and have been since the days of Socrates. Whilst Kerry de Courcy has been in the hotel industry for over 50 years, for more than 30 of those years he was involved in wine shipping, especially Champagne. The wine cellar at Rye Lodge reflects his enthusiasm and experience.


Our cellar is stocked with wines of many different styles, carefully selected for excellence, quality and value for money - not only from the classic areas of France and the rest of Europe but also from the New World where, today, many top quality wines are being produced.


Our wine list includes tasting notes,

wines around the worldafter each wine that may be helpful if you are not already familiar with that particular wine - also it may encourage you to experiment and try some of the stunning new wines from around the world - not to mention our local wines from Kent and East Sussex! We are happy to advise on wine choice and have a carefully selected House Wine avaiable from £4.95 per glass and £19.50 per bottle,with House Champagne by the glass at £9.50 and £39.50 per bottle.


Wine and Champagne Appreciation Breaks

For those interested in increasing their understanding of wines and Champagne, we are pleased to arrange viewings of the wine cellar with Kerry de Courcy, From time to time Rye Lodge offers special Champagne and Wine appreciation breaks.


Champagne Appreciation Break

After a Champagne Presentation you will taste some of the best Champagnes in the world and learn something of the history and manufacturing processes involved in the creation of the 'King of Wines'. There is usually a Gala Dinner at the renowned Webbe's Restaurant and, on some occasions, a visit to the vineyards of Champagne.


Wine Appreciation Break

Sample wines from France, Italy, Spain and the New World. Learn how they are produced and what gives each wine its special character.


Call 01797 223838 and ask to be put on our mailing list
to receive news of these very special breaks.


Don't forget, if you enjoy a particular glass during your stay we are pleased
to ship further bottles to your home so you can continue to enjoy it.

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